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Ric’s Kountry Kitchen – Bahrain

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Ric’s Kountry Kitchen in Juffair, Bahrain is the only American owner operated restaurant in Bahrain. This fact might not be significant if you are in most parts of the world but in the Middle East it means a lot.

There are two things you are not going to find readily available in most Middle Eastern countries, pork and alcohol. I work in Saudi Arabia so there’s no chance of finding either and no matter how good the restaurants are or try and cater to expats, they will never satisfy our appetites for dishes that are made from pork or our thirst for ice cold beer. It’s impossible.

Enter Ric’s Kountry Kitchen, Southern style homemade cooking, virtually an oasis in the desert. You will find almost anything dish you can think of here. They specialize in American “comfort” foods making steaks, ribs, brisket, gammon steaks, pizzas, biscuits, pancakes, burgers and anything in between. Ric’s has an upstairs and downstairs bar. They also have an up market restaurant area upstairs and a diner style restaurant downstairs. On most days they offer a buffet of sorts. The buffets will come with pricing options; specified “all you can drink” drinks are optional at a higher price.

Another point I feel I must make is that Middle Eastern hotels try to satisfy the needs of both Arabs and expats. By trying to do this, I feel they fall hopelessly short of meeting either expectations. Dubai might be an exception with their “bacon stations”.  Don’t expect bacon in hotels in Bahrain.

This is another reason Ric’s Kountry Kitchen stands out, the breakfast is simply amazing and the servings are generous. I mean, why come all the way to Bahrain for chicken sausage and freaking fish balls with your eggs?

The staff are friendly and the service is great.

If you have a hankering for some good American style food, if you need some pork in your life, choose Ric’s Kountry Kitchen.





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