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Boracay Island – The Philippines

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On arrival by ferry from Caticlan you are greeted by crystal clear blue water.

Boracay is one of the top destination islands in the world. It’s all about the beach and the sea.

Boracay is visited by people from all over the world. It’s great place to meet people.

The island has accommodation, restaurants and activities to suit anyone’s budget.

White beach is where all the action is; it has three boat stations which help people find the different locations along the beach. The distance between boat stations is roughly about 2km. There are many shops, restaurants, dive shops and bars along the beach.

There are tons of outdoor activities, make sure you speak directly to the operators to negotiate a price as the sales people along the beach only promote services as middle men and hike the prices up for their own benefit.

Amongst the activities offered, are scuba diving, the prices are set at 1600 PHP (about $40) at present per dive with equipment. This is a fixed price at all the dive shops on the island so that the shops don’t start a price war.

You can sail around Boracay on a catamaran type boat for 2500 PHP ($60); this can include snorkeling and a stop at Puka Shell Beach. Puka Shell Beach is claimed to have put Boracay on the map for tourists.

Operators also offer kite surfing lessons and a parasailing experiences.

The night offers live music shows, buffets, fire dancing shows and nightclubs.

The live music shows are well worth watching and are free as long as you order a beverage.

The buffets can be found along the beach and start from as little as 440 PHP ($10-11).

The fire dancing can also be seen at night on the beach, it’s quite spectacular.

Another dinner option would be to go to Dalipapa which is just off the main road about 10 minutes walk from D’Mall. Here you can buy fresh seafood and have it cooked the way you want at the surrounding restaurants very cheaply. You can negotiate your way to a veritable seafood feast.

You can fly from Manila to Caticlan and catch a ferry from there. Alternatively you can get the 2Go Ferry from Batangas Pier to Caticlan Port. The ferry takes about 10 hours; the flight is about an hour. Make sure what the carry on weight limit is for your flight before you fly. The policy is strictly enforced as the planes are smaller. Batangas Pier is two hours by bus or car from Manila.

With amazing sunsets, beautiful scenery and plenty to do in the day and night it’s not surprising how many people keep coming back.

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