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Do you ever find you want to hire a boat, go on a trip, charter a plane but you don’t have enough heads to make up the numbers?

Let people know using the forum that you want to Divide The Ride! (Share the Fare)

Do you want to start a carpool?

Let people know on Divide The Ride (Daily Commuters).

Do you have a story to tell about your vacation?

Post it on Divide The Ride (Add a Hot Spot).

Do you want to start a travel blog?

Start it on Divide The Ride, using our social media tools to promote your blog or to start a conversation.

Millions of people travel to the same places you do, whether daily, once a year or just once in a life time.

Use Divide The Ride to connect with them.

Divide the Ride helps people from all over the world connect with each other, maybe meet up and become friends that pay less.

Let people know where and when you want to Divide The Ride.

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